What We Do

Monthly Fund performance reports

We publish a monthly report which monitors over 750 Funds (both active and passively managed) covering the following mandates:

Global real estate, Global REIT, US Real Estate, Asian Real Estate, Japanese Real Estate, European Real Estate, Global Infrastructure and Real Assets

If you are interested in receiving this report please contact us. 

Apply recent academic research to our Funds and REIT databases

Each month we also feature a topic of interest, and either summarise a recent academic article on the topic or produce some results from our proprietary database of both Funds and listed real estate companies globally. 

Topics have included: The size and growth of the funds universe, Benchmarks - which are most commonly used , the impact on share performance of Index Inclusion, risk-adjusted performance measures, rules-based asset allocation strategies, uses and applications of listed real estate in asset management, and the concept of, and problems with, Smart Beta Index Methodologies.

Applying these concepts to our databases gives us a unique advantage in our client specific work 

Bespoke research reports

We  produce bespoke research reports for clients on a variety of topics, including:

peer group analysis and benchmarking, investment strategies for real estate securities funds, and combining active and passive investment management real estate strategies

Advisory work

Advisory mandates have included:

Structuring global real estate securities funds, incorporating listed real estate into an unlisted funds strategy, providing regular screens from our databases, and  devising valuation methodologies for regional REIT markets


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