Sponsored Research Publications

Infrastructure Investment: Combining Listed with Unlisted: Written with AMP Capital Investors

Performance implications for a DC fund of adding listed real estate

Uses and Applications of Listed Real Estate in Asset Management

Is Listed Real Estate managed as part of the real estate allocation?  Results of our EPRA Survey with Property Funds Research

Asian Pacific Listed Real Estate - A Contextual Performance Analysis

Blending Spezialfonds and Global Listed Real Estate - a German case study


Academic Papers 

Performance of a UK DC blended real estate portfolio   Journal of Property Investment & Finance 

Blending Public and Private Real Estate Allocations   Joutnal of Real Estate Portfolio Management

Impact of Liquidity on the Valuation of Listed Securities  Journal of European Real Estate Research

Momentum and Trend Following Strategies for Global REITs  Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management


Topics covered in previous Monthly Reports

Smart Beta Strategies for REITs                  Momentum and Trend Following Strategies for REITs

Global Correlations                                        Blending Listed and Unlisted Infrastructure

Risk-adjusted Performance Metrics             Value vs growth strategies in International REITs

Pricing secondary trades in the unlisted market

Impact of liquidity on valuations                       Liquidity and Performance

Real estate in DC schemes part 2                  Diversification benefits of listed real estate

Real estate in DC schemes part 1                  Fund Flows

Real estate Allocations Survey                       Real estate ETFs

Trends in Global Real Estate Securities Funds   Smart Beta strategies

The use and application of listed real estate in asset management

Risk adjusted performance measures and rules based allocation strategies

The impact of index inclusion               Size of the Funds sector and Benchmark analysis












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